Chi Alpha San Diego

What is Chi Alpha?

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a new ministry at San Diego State University. We’re seeking to build a community of students earnestly following Jesus. We’re not a fraternity or a sorority (although we’re a great place to find brothers and sisters); rather, our name is Greek because the New Testament was written in Greek. It comes from 2 Corinthians 5:20 which says “we are therefore Christ’s (Chi) Ambassadors (Alpha).” We often abbreviate our name as XA.






Our beliefs can be summarized pretty simply:

  1. God is real.
  2. God has revealed Himself in Jesus.
  3. The Bible is God’s Word.
  4. God still does supernatural stuff.
  5. God ought to be the most important thing in every person’s life.

That’s obviously an overview – you can read a more detailed statement if you’re curious.





Our values are pretty simple too! We are:

  1. F.A.T. (faithful, available, teachable) and Hungry
  2. Always Honoring
  3. Pursue Unconditionally
  4. Authentic and Kind
  5. Spiritually Aware
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