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Brandon and Kendra Kertson are the pastors of Chi Alpha at San Diego State University. After 6 years of full-time ministry in California churches, they felt called by God to minister to college students on the secular campus. They served 1 1/2 years at Stanford University before coming to pioneer a new Chi Alpha at San Diego State in 2014. They love meeting with students and helping them to live their lives to the fullest for Christ. They have three daughters: Peyton, Amber, and Eden.

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Jeff Ballantyne came to San Diego in 2015 after 30+ years at the Chi Alpha at the University of Minnesota.  Jeff has a passion for spiritual formation and discipleship.  He enjoys meeting with students for Bible studies, sharing God’s grace with unbelievers, and speaking Spanish with anyone.  Jeff goes down to visit Chi Alpha groups in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Mexico. 

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Christina Hack is a staff member with Chi Alpha San Diego.  She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in History, but felt God’s calling to Campus ministry.  “I was so lost my freshman year of college and it breaks my heart that some students never get to meet Jesus and receive the grace, freedom, healing, life, and love He has for us.  I enjoy museums, reading, playing board games, and playing outside with my friends and dog, and the ocean is one of my favorite places to be!”  

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Isaac and Daniela Shoulderblade fell in love with ministry and were greatly impacted as students in Chi Alpha at Montana State University. After getting married in 2014, they said “yes!” to God’s call to join the staff team in San Diego. Since then, God has expanded their passion and love for campus ministry and are excited to work with Chi Alpha for years to come. They love seeing students lives changed by God through this ministry, much like they were. They have two kids and love to get outside and adventure.

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Jeffrey Chalko-Mique was one of the first guy students  in Chi Alpha SDSU.  He became one of the first student leaders, president, and then the first student to become a staff with the ministry. While in Chi Alpha, he learned the value of walking alongside college students as well as the passion to facilitate community and diversity within the ministry. Jeff is a proud Filipino American, and loves to play music and eat out in different places. If there is one thing he would like for you to remember about him it’s, ” I love you the way God has loved me.” 

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